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Food security in poor rural areas: the twofold challenge of raising agricultural productivity and adapting to climate change

Securing global food systems

On April 27 2017, representatives from some of the world’s most powerful economies will convene at the G20 international conference on rural development in Berlin. Ahead of this event, we argue that without concerted efforts to help small-scale farmers raise productivity and adapt to climate change the G20 will not come close to attaining its goal of securing global food systems as envisaged in the 2017 G20 Agriculture Ministers’ Declaration.

In praise of free trade

Photo: Water Pipe

Trade in food is trade in water

Climate change will impact all human societies, and especially the poor. As acknowledged by the G20 agriculture ministers‘ declaration  in January 2017, the agricultural sector is crucial for food security, climate change adaption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, managing water scarcity and human migration, and achieving peace and stability. Agricultural trade will play an important role.