New institutional guideline for handling research data

In January this year, IDOS adopted institutional guidelines for the handling of research data (IDOS Research Data Guidelines).

As an institution that supports the Open Science principle, we recognise the importance of open, freely accessible data for scientific progress by enabling the scientific community to build on our findings and answer new research questions using our research data.

The adoption of this guideline, which was developed in a participatory process, is an important step in our efforts to promote the integrity, transparency and reproducibility of our research activities by making the underlying data available.

Our Research Data Guidelines sets out standards, principles, responsibilities and areas of application that are intended to ensure that research data is collected, stored, documented, archived and, where scientifically meaningful, published in a proper, legally compliant and efficient manner.

A process to develop strategic goals for institutional research data management (RDM) at IDOS is currently nearing completion. The creation of the research data guidelines was part of this process and forms the basis for the development of strategic sub-goals and the resulting infrastructures and services for RDM.

As the institutional RDM is currently being established, the research data guidelines will be evaluated in two years and adapted or extended if necessary.

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