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  1. Respectful communication
    We hope for a constructive exchange with our users. Please, remain fair and friendly to other users and to the blog owners. Please, treat other users in the same way that you want to be treated and respect everyone’s right to freedom of opinion. Please, feel free to discuss things openly but refrain from attacking anyone personally.Insults, sexual insinuations, sexist, discriminatory or racist comments will not be tolerated. Contributions in vulgar or abusive language or hate speech as well as statements that violate the rights of third parties or publishers rights will be removed.
    Cynicism and irony lead to misunderstandings. Therefore, avoid these styling extensions or mark them.
  2. Correct citations
    Please, only cite or refer if you can name both the source and author. Only those quotes and sources are allowed which can be officially verified. Links should be used carefully and must have a specific relation to the topic.
  3. Relevance of the topic
    Please, make sure that your comments have a direct relation to the theme of the discussion or blog. In your post, you can embed contextual links to other website, provided they are not illegal and do not infringe privacy rights or copyrights. The German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) does not take any responsibility for the content of external websites. Calls for demonstrations or manifestations, no matter of which political direction, are not permitted
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    The misuse of the IDOS website or our social media channels as an advertising space for other websites or services, or to offer goods and services whether commercially or privately is prohibited. This includes content, information, software and other materials, which violate existing law. We reserve the right to delete such posts.
  5. Responsibility of users
    The sole responsibility for all contributions lies with the authors. Users are only allowed to publish such content of which they own the exclusive rights and which follow the rules outlined above. Private and personalized information like E-Mail addresses, phone numbers or postal addresses do not belong into comments.The German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) does not necessarily support or agree with the written content or references. We do not obtain the rights of ownership for any content.
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