MGG Academy 2024: Call for applications is open!

The call for applications for the MGG Academy 2024 is now open! The international training and dialogue format will take place at IDOS in Bonn, Germany, from August 24 to November 24. 

Collage: 9 pictures of former MGG Academy courses, including laughing or working participants, a group photo and a session in the park. As well as lettering with "MGG Academy 2024" and "Apply now!"


It is aimed at highly qualified and young professionals from Brazil, China, the European Union, India, Indonesia, Mexico and South Africa. Participants work in government institutions, research institutions and think tanks, civil society organisations and the private sector.   

The MGG Academy aims to support future change makers in addressing global challenges and contributing to transformations to sustainability. The three-months-programme of the MGG Academy combines academic modules on pressing global challenges with leadership modules to enhance personal and social competencies and action-oriented project work.  

Apply now until 3 March, 2024!
More information about the MGG Academy and the application process can be found here:


Video: Apply now!

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