IDOS co-hosts Research Colloquium on Triangular Cooperation

The four institutions that co-host the Research Colloquium on Triangular Cooperation: Instituto Mora (Mexiko), University of the Sunshine Coast (Australien) and Technische Universität Darmstadt

From February 2023 onwards, IDOS will co-host a monthly Research Colloquium on Triangular Cooperation. As an increasingly popular international cooperation modality, triangular cooperation brings together partners across the North-South divide to address development-related concerns and strengthen partnerships. Triangular schemes often consist of multilateral bodies and traditional donors supporting (bilateral) South-South cooperation. They centre on three sets of roles: beneficiaries, pivotals and facilitators. The Colloquium brings together scholars from across the globe who investigate triangular cooperation through practice-oriented or theoretical approaches. Including students, junior researchers and senior scholars, participants are invited to present and discuss their study designs or results and benefit from other researchers’ experiences and insights. Exchanges in the Colloquium are guided by the same principles that also apply to triangular cooperation initiatives: equal access and voice for all participants, openness to unexpected findings, and attempts to build upon others’ contributions. The Colloquium will be held online and is co-organised with Instituto Mora (Mexico), the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia) and Technical University Darmstadt (Germany).

Please get in touch with Sebastian Haug in case you would like to know more about the Colloquium and/or ongoing IDOS research on triangular cooperation.

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