Bonn Water Network discusses how to reconcile water, energy and food policies

Photo: Video-Conference Bonn Water Network: Annabelle Houdret, Srinivasa Srigriri et al


On 4 November, IDOS and the Bonn Water Network hosted a webinar to share experiences on reconciling water, energy and food policies. Dr Srinivasa Reddy Srigiri (IDOS) presented the results of case studies conducted by an IDOS team in Ethiopia, Jordan, Malawi and Mexico and showed how difficult cooperation between the sectors remains despite common challenges. Rebecca Sands from the Water Integrity Network showed how corruption in the three sectors as well as in infrastructure projects at their interfaces can be detected and fought with the support of the Integrity Framework. Robert Kranefeld, Regional Director of the GIZ project The Niger Basin Nexus Dialogue, summarised the experiences from the Niger Delta and showed how cross-border awareness of the connection between water, energy and food policy can be strengthened and cooperation promoted. Dr Annabelle Houdret (IDOS), spokesperson of the Bonn Water Network, moderated the online event, which was very well attended by an international audience.

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