Successfully completed doctorate

Gabriela Iacobuta, researcher at DIE, obtained her doctoral degree from Wageningen University on 29 November 2021. She successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “Enablers of ambitious climate action: Challenges and opportunities to combine climate change and sustainable development”.

Photo: Thumbmail PhD IacobutaGabriela Iacobuta’s PhD research explores how major climate-change action enablers have performed over time and across countries and provided research and policy-making tools to further analyse these enablers and to leverage their potential to boost climate-change action. The major enablers addressed are:

  • key moments in international climate negotiations;
  • country contexts and the common but differentiated responsibilities and respective capabilities (CBDR-RC) principle;
  • international climate assistance;
  • policy coherence for the joint implementation of climate targets and the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

In this context, the thesis discusses four policy coherence types: coherence between national and international action; coherence between sources of finance; socio-economic and environmental coherence; and coherence between international policy agendas.

The recording of the PhD defence is made available on the University website.

For further information on her work and current publications, please visit Gabriela Iacobuta’s DIE profile page.

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