Social Cohesion webinar series

Jointly with the World Bank, DIE launched the Social Cohesion webinar series on 28 September.

In the first webinar of the series, Julia Leininger and Francesco Burchi from the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) presented DIE’s concept model of social cohesion. José Cuesta, Global Lead Economist “Data & Analytics” at the World Bank provided an important and valuable comment on the concept model before the participants engaged in a stimulating discussion. Nikolas Myint, Global Lead Economist “Social Cohesion & Resilience” at the World Bank moderated the session.

The Social Cohesion webinar series of DIE and the World Bank focuses on how social cohesion can be conceptualised and defined, what role it plays for effective development cooperation and how it can be strengthened and fostered. Webinars will be held every three months and are each equally split into presentations and discussions. The webinar series aims to bring researchers, policy-practitioners, and policy-makers together to translate research findings into policy practice as well as policy needs into research questions.

Upcoming sessions of the Social Cohesion webinar series will be announced regularly on the Events sub-page of the Social Cohesion Hub. The Social Cohesion Hub is a knowledge-sharing platform and collects and presents conceptualisations, data, publications, and work in development cooperation focusing on social cohesion.

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