The Wandering Earth

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Receiving letter from MGG team, I’d like share some lines from a movie named <the wandering Earth> and also some personal experience to help fighting with the corona-virus together. 





At first, 

nobody cared about this disaster, 

(Over 900 missing after volcanic eruptions in South Carolina.)  Just another wildfire, 

(The equator warming leads to drought)  another drought, 

(Drop in sea level poses a problem)  another extinction of species, 

(Poor harvest leads to popular unrest) 

(Nasa launched first spacecraft)  another vanishing city. 

Until everyone is entwined with this disaster. 


To face this coming cataclysmic disaster, 

mankind united like never seen before.  

Here is some personal experience: 

As you may know, China is the first lock-down country to cope with the national-wide spreading corona-virus. My personal experience is to listen to the governmental guidance, stay at home and reduce going out as far as possible. 

We are implementing community surveillance system at the moment. Each community is responsible for the epidemic prevention work within its own territory. The property management staff of each community will confirm every person going in and out belongs to its own community, make sure that nobody goes out without a face mask, doing disinfection work for public areas and monitor the body temperature of each person entering the community. Once a person’s body temperature is unusual, the community will report to local neighborhood committee immediately, and the latter will report to higher authority of virus control department of the government. Turns out that this is an effective way of controlling the source of infection. 

If I’m going out for grocery shopping, the first thing is to put on my face mask and bring tissue papers to press the elevator buttons, and avoid touching public facilities directly as far as possible. Besides, I need to go through the monitoring systems both from my own community and from the supermarket or grocery shops, which have their own systems for monitoring customers‘ body temperature. 

When I’m going home from outside, the first thing is to take off my shoes and left them outside of the door, to keep virus away from home area. Then the second step is to take off my facial masks. The third step is to wash my hands carefully. And then to hang my outside clothes in a ventilated place. After that, wash hands again and then take a shower, or just wash face and hairs. 

My Association begins shift system since March 10. I take a shift on duty once a week. Smaller department arranges one person per day, and bigger departments arrange two or three people per day, depending the space of their office. The Association will make sure the work place is properly disinfected, and staff members need to report their own temperature everyday to the office. 

That’s all my sharing. Hope all of you stay well and safe! I believe that under this solidarity, we will fight over it soon. At the same time, enjoy and cherish this uncommon home office period, accompanying our beloved ones. 

Best wishes, 

China Association for Standardization (CAS)
Department of Technology Development; Department of International Cooperation Office

Commentary received on: 27.03.2020

China Association for Standardization (CAS) Department of Technology Development; Department of International Cooperation Office

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