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Uncertainties and Insecurities

Image: balcony

©Anna Schwachula

Dear MGG family,

The times are difficult, and with all the uncertainty and insecurity I find it quite challenging sometimes to stay focused and stay positive. I emphasize a lot with all people around the globe that do not have access to health care and social protection. I think that the world is probably not going to be the same after the crisis is over, and I think that our network will be as important as always to foster international exchange, find common solutions and support each other.…

MGG network members virtually discuss digital solutions


Since the second half of 2019, a team of MGG network members from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Germany virtually puts its heads together to discuss options and opportunities regarding a digital space for the entire network. The aim is to deepen international cooperation and strengthen global connections by providing a space that makes it easy to exchange and explore the network anytime.

Like most of the people and the institute itself, the team, which is dedicated to the search for an internet platform for the MGG network, has to adapt its way of working to the new challenges. Although we are traditionally used to exchange and collaborate across different time zones and continents using digital channels, the virus brings with it some additional challenges. The cooperation is affected by practical quarantine restrictions like changed working hours or simply a poor internet connection (yes, unfortunately the quality of our screenshots from the last meeting was too bad). Fortunately, humans are very robust and adaptable and our learning curve goes up steeply.

Life in times of Corona – Impressions from Bonn…

Image: impressions from Bonn

©Tatjana Reiber

Dear MGG friends,

These are crazy and upsetting times. I hope that you are all healthy and safe. It is wonderful to read your observations from the situation in your countries, to learn about your thoughts and daily routines. Thank you for sharing!

Here in Bonn, life has also changed dramatically. Kindergardens and schools are closed, almost all shops are shut, same is true for public facilities, sport clubs etc. At the time of writing, we do not know how long this situation will last.

My new routine in Brasil

Image: woman doing sports

©Camila Oliveira

It was great to hear from you and the idea for the special MGG newsletter was a breath of fresh air. Kudos!
I hope you and your families are healthy and soon our lives will be back to normal.
I am hoping to soon be able to meet you face-to-face during our Global Network Conference in Bonn.

Here in Brazil, the COVID-19 situation, unfortunately, has become more fuel for the current and difficult political polarization Brazilians have been facing for the past year. There is a lot of debate about the strategies for the suppression or mitigation of the new Corona-virus and its effects on the economy.