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A more ambitious G20 for a sustainable post-pandemic recovery and transformation

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The COVID-19 pandemic submerged the world for more than a year now, and global infection numbers are still rising. There are huge differences in the ability of governments and societies to cope with the pandemic: while Europe and the Americas remain epicentres of the disease, there are signs that infections are now also picking up across the African continent.

In an interesting turn-of-tide in discussion, the IMF calls for more public expenditure and higher taxation of the wealthy. The IMF states that economic recovery is possible in 2021 but dependent on both, access to vaccines and other medical interventions, and continuous effective policy support. Policy support needs to cushion the effects of the economic contraction, to decarbonize energy systems and economies, and for intensified multilateral cooperation to ensure universal access to vaccines and therapeutics and adequate financial liquidity of highly indebted countries.

Neue Allianzen zur Umsetzung der SDGs: Gewerkschaften als Akteure und Partner einer sozial-ökologischen Transformation

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„Shrinking space der Gewerkschaften“

Entwicklungszusammenarbeit zielt immer auf Veränderung. Sie dynamisiert und verändert bestehende Machtverhältnisse, gesellschaftliche Ordnungen und soziale Beziehungen. Dabei gibt es in der Regel Verteilungsprobleme, Interessenvielfalt und Interessengegensätze, Gewinner und Verlierer. Dieser Prozess erfordert Unter­stützung bei der Suche nach tragfähigen Lösungen, die den jeweiligen politischen, historischen, kulturellen sowie ökonomischen Bedingungen angepasst sind und von den Beteiligten akzeptiert werden.

Women20 recommendations for a gender-equal digital transformation

Network and data exchange over planet earth in space

Under the German presidency of the G20, the Women20 (W20) engagement group is focussing, among other issues, on the digital transformation and its effects on women’s lives. Recommendations will be passed on to G20 President Angela Merkel at the W20 Summit on the 26th of April in Berlin.