Schlagwort: Lukas Engels

MGG network members virtually discuss digital solutions


Since the second half of 2019, a team of MGG network members from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Mexico and Germany virtually puts its heads together to discuss options and opportunities regarding a digital space for the entire network. The aim is to deepen international cooperation and strengthen global connections by providing a space that makes it easy to exchange and explore the network anytime.

Like most of the people and the institute itself, the team, which is dedicated to the search for an internet platform for the MGG network, has to adapt its way of working to the new challenges. Although we are traditionally used to exchange and collaborate across different time zones and continents using digital channels, the virus brings with it some additional challenges. The cooperation is affected by practical quarantine restrictions like changed working hours or simply a poor internet connection (yes, unfortunately the quality of our screenshots from the last meeting was too bad). Fortunately, humans are very robust and adaptable and our learning curve goes up steeply.