Shaping Futures Academy 2024: First online phase kicks off

With the start of the first online phase on 15 April, the Shaping Futures: African-European Network on Development and Sustainability Programme continues its work as an innovative dialogue programme for young professionals from Africa and Europe.

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In a revamped format, the programme, formerly known as the African-German Leadership Academy, is delivered in blocks. It will run from 15 April to 22 November and combines three digital and two in-person modules in Germany and Ghana. The first online module introduces the Academy’s theme and establishes a common understanding among participants while they are still in their home countries.
Over the next eight months, 25 highly motivated mid-career professionals from Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Togo, Zambia, Portugal, Italy, and Germany, each bringing diverse backgrounds and perspectives, will embark on a transformative learning experience as part of the Shaping Futures Academy 2024 cohort.

During the Academy’s official opening session, Karen Pfundt, Head of the Division of Policy Issues of Cooperation with Africa at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and Dr Elizabeth Chepkemboi Koetter, Head of the Shaping Futures Programme at IDOS, addressed the participants. The resounding message from them was the importance of being present during the learning journey, inviting participants to immerse themselves in the experience, and encouraged their active participation in expanding the EU-Africa network.

Photo: Two Screens showing a Online-Videocall and the Shaping Futures Website

Start of the first online phase of Shaping Futures ©IDOS

Also present were our programme partners from the Center for Democratic Development Ghana (CDD Ghana) represented by Dr Kojo Asante, and Next Economy Lab (NELA), Jonas Bothe and Thandi Dyani. CDD Ghana is responsible for conceptualising and facilitating the module in Ghana, while NELA are our leadership module facilitators. Rounding up the guest list to welcome the 2024 cohort were Ebenezer Acheampong, the chairperson and Kevser Erol, the deputy chair of the Shaping Futures alumni network. They urged the participants to maximize their time at the Academy, expressing their excitement and communicating their anticipation of this year’s cohort joining the network upon completing the programme. During the session, participants interacted with the Shaping Futures Team members and introduced themselves to their peers.



Photo: Shaping Futures Team

Shaping Futures Team, from left: Ditebogo Modiegi Morare, Julia Muhi, Elizabeth Chepkemboi Koetter, Isabelle Eberz,
Malika Yunussova ©IDOS

In the Online Phase, participants engaged in daily asynchronous and synchronous learning for two weeks to lay a foundation for further discussions on sustainable development principles and governance. During this period, they interacted with experts on Agenda 2030 and Africa Agenda 2063, exchanged knowledge, and took part in group projects.

The online phase aims to introduce participants to vital methodologies and concepts for their learning journey in the Academy while enhancing their digital collaboration skills for future activities within and beyond the Shaping Futures Academy.

Following the online opening phase of the Shaping Futures Academy, the next step is their arrival in Bonn and the commencement of the first in-person phase in late May.

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