IDOS collaborates with the United Nations on South-South and triangular cooperation

Photo of the Panel in front of a UNOSSC Poster

Photo: From left to right: Zanofer Ismalebbe (UNOSSC), Dima Al-Khatib (UNOSSC) and Sebastian Haug (IDOS)
Copyright: UNOSSC

The United Nations (UN) system has long been supporting South-South cooperation, defined as collaboration among developing countries, and actively promotes the expansion of this modality. On 9 April, Dr Sebastian Haug met Dima Al-Khatib, the director of the UN Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC), and Zanofer Ismalebbe, the Office’s Knowledge Management Chief, for an exchange on recent South-South cooperation trends and the potential of triangular cooperation, i.e. South-South schemes supported by traditional donors or multilateral bodies. They also discussed preparations for the Global Report on South-South Cooperation that Haug is set to support as an advisory board member. IDOS has been accompanying UN engagement with South-South and triangular cooperation through research and policy advice, and also acts as a co-host of the Research Colloquium on Triangular Cooperation. IDOS and UNOSSC have recently expanded their collaboration, including through a study on triangular cooperation approaches of Development Assistance Committee members that was published in 2023.

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