Insights into the PGP research project „Low-emission hydrogen in Argentina and Uruguay“

March was an exciting time full of insights and findings. In terms of research, the diverse perspectives contributed in particular to obtaining a comprehensive picture of the assessments of the relevant stakeholders on the ground.

Team III of the IDOS Postgraduate Programme (PGP) is working on the research project „Low-emission hydrogen in Argentina and Uruguay: Policy-making under conditions of high technological and systemic uncertainty„. The team conducted a large number of interviews in different regions of their research countries with a range of representatives from politics, business and civil society.

The team travelled through the Argentinian provinces of Chubut, Buenos Aires and Tierra del Fuego as well as Uruguay. Interviews were conducted with local experts and decision-makers in various cities in the provinces to gain a better understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities. This allowed the team to draw a regional comparison. In Tambores (Uruguay), the team conducted a guided group discussion with civil society representatives.

During the trip, the collaboration within the tri-national team with members from Argentina, Uruguay and Germany was invaluable, as it was possible to benefit from local expertise and existing networks. The team gained valuable insights into a potential hydrogen economy and the associated current challenges in both case study countries.

The members of Research Team III have now returned to the capital cities of Buenos Aires and Montevideo and are already in the middle of the next phase of the project. The numerous interviews will now be analysed in a closed meeting, the findings consolidated and prepared for the upcoming stakeholder workshops. These will take place at the end of April in both Montevideo and Buenos Aires. The research findings will be discussed there with the interviewed stakeholders from the various sectors.

The entire team is very much looking forward to this exciting conclusion to the field research visit and the renewed dialogue with the stakeholders!

Photo: The research team between the letters "Ushuaia"

Photo: Postgraduates Rebecca Rohe, Aaron Haas and Paulina Wende in Ushuaia, Argentina ©IDOS

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