Dr Julia Leininger: continued term on the advisory board of International IDEA

The member states of International IDEA have appointed Dr Julia Leininger to the organisation’s International Advisory Board for a further term (2024-2026).

Photo: Dr. Julia Leininger ist Politikwissenschaftlerin und Programmleitung im Forschungsprogramm "Transformation politischer (Un-)Ordnung: Institutionen, Werte und Frieden"

Dr. Julia Leininger ©IDOS

She supports the strategy of the organisation with her expertise on the protection and strengthening of democracy. Findings from IDOS research on social cohesion have been included in the latest United Nations Human Development Report. In the Spotlight „Strengthening social cohesion to mitigate human insecurity: Promise and peril“, IDOS authors demonstrate the relevance of social cohesion for human security.

Interested? Take a look at the Social Cohesion Hub. Now with the explanatory video „What is social cohesion?

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