Dr Christoph Strupat becomes Chairman of the Development Cooperation Committee

Dr Christoph Strupat has been elected Chairman of the Development Cooperation Committee of the German Society for Health Economics.

Photo: Dr. Christoph Strupat ist Ökonom und Projektleitung & Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter im Forschungsprogramm "Transformation der Wirtschafts- und Sozialsysteme", seine Arbeitsgebiete sind Soziale Sicherung und Gesundheitsökonomik.

Dr. Christoph Strupat ©IDOS

The committee is committed to improving health conditions and health care in resource-poor countries through research and the development of evidence-based policy recommendations. To achieve these goals, the committee organises an annual conference for research and practice to promote the exchange of findings. The Committee also supports dialogue and networking with development organisations such as GIZ, KfW Development Bank and others in order to implement research findings in practice and thus link health economics research with real-life application in partner countries.

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