Shaping Futures Academy: New chapter in IDOS knowledge cooperation

In its fourth year of run, the Shaping Futures: African-European Network on Development and Sustainability Academy (formerly BMZ Africa-German Leadership Academy), now takes place in a revamped new modular format.

Group photo: Participants of the Shaping Futures Academy standing arm in arm in a circle while being outside on a sunny day.


From 15 April, 25 participants (five from Europe and 20 from African partner countries) will participate in the revamped Academy. Starting this year, the Shaping Futures Academy will be hosted in a block format, integrating online and in-person phases. The new approach is intended to facilitate a more efficient knowledge transfer process where participants can apply their newly gained knowledge and skills to their social systems between Academy sessions. The improved block structure is as follows:

  • 15 – 26 April, the first online phase, to introduce the overarching theme of Sustainable Development
  • 23 May to 25 June, in-person Academic Module –Just Sustainability Transitions- hosted in Bonn, Germany
  • 3 – 20 September, online Academic Module – Tackling Multi-dimensional Inequalities Module
  • 14 October to 1 November, in-person Academic Module –Citizenship and Democracy Module- hosted in Accra, Ghana
  • 18 – 21 November, online phase – reflection, evaluation, farewell, and closing

Interactive activities such as study trips to Brussels and Berlin to meet the actors and institutions remain integral to the in-person Academy as they enhance participant engagement and deepen understanding.

Another change in the Shaping Futures Academy is the new partnership and collaboration with the Centre for Democratic Development Ghana (CDD Ghana). This year, we welcome CDD Ghana as co-creators responsible for conceptualising, developing, and facilitating the third Academy Module—Citizenship and Democracy during the Ghana leg of the Academy phase. This progressive intervention is our commitment to strengthening and growing our transnational network and contributing to our aspirations of nurturing knowledge exchange and development.

The last of the new developments in the Shaping Futures Academy is the recruitment of new staff members. Between mid-February and March, we welcomed three members to the team: the Head of the Academy, Elizabeth Chepkemboi Kötter; the Project Coordinator, Malika Yunussova (in new function); and the Events and Network Coordinator, Julia Muhi. We enthusiastically look forward to the new team members‘ fresh perspectives, expertise and passion for the programme.

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