Geopolitics, crises and a shift to the right: prospects for EU development policy

During the past couple of years, European development policy has been undergoing a fundamental transformation. What are the prospects after the EU elections in 2024?

At the invitation of the Johannes Rau Research Association (JRF), IDOS researchers Dr Christine Hackenesch and Dr Svea Koch discussed at the JRF Science Lunch opportunities and challenges for European development policy after the European Parliament elections and the start of the new European Commission in autumn 2024. In the face of geopolitical competition, global polycrises, Russia’s war in Ukraine and the rise of right-wing populist parties in Europe, very fundamental questions are (once again) being asked about the objectives, instruments and partners of European development policy.

These challenges have been the subject of discussions with participants from JRF research institutes. The focus was on the question of how mainstream parties can jointly shape the course of European development policy and better align European interests with those of partners in the future.

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