Climate change played an important role in the work of IDOS in 2023

Against the backdrop of the increasingly noticeable consequences of climate change, IDOS intensively engaged with issues relating to climate adaptation, the design of a just transition and the effects of climate change on planetary and human health.

For example, IDOS’ research programme on environmental governance contributed to the interim climate negotiations (SB58) in Bonn in June, while individual researchers represented IDOS at the COP28 in Dubai. In addition to various publications and public events before and after COP28, which served to contexctualise the expected and actual results, IDOS itself co-organised an official side event in Dubai on designing coherent and equitable climate policy for a just transition. Meanwhile, Prof. Anna-Katharina Hornidge spoke at a side event of the Center for Planetary Health and Save the Children in the German pavilion on climate-resilient health systems. In addition to the work of IDOS research programmes, Anna-Katharina Hornidge also dealt with the interplay between climate and health as part of various advisory board activities. A particular highlight here was the flagship report published in summer 2023 by the German Advisory Council on Global Change on the topic of „Healthy living on a healthy planet„. The report is now also available in English.

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