PRODIGEES: IDOS experts conducting interviews in the Amazon region

IDOS researcher and PhD Candidate Ramona Haegele and communications officer Sabrina Heuwinkel spent ten days on an Amazon expedition organised by FGV EBAPE.


Photo: IDOS-Researcher Ramona Hägele is giving a lecture.


Through the EU-funded project PRODIGEES, which focuses on the intersection of sustainability, digitalisation and transnational knowledge cooperation, the IDOS researcher and officer were able to take part in a (research) exchange in Brazil.


During the Amazon Experience, students of FGV EBAPE observe first-hand environmental projects and sustainable management practices carried out by key actors from the public and private sectors in the Amazon region. Throughout the programme, participants learnt how e.g. small producers and cooperatives work together and successfully combine entrepreneurship, digitalisation and sustainability.

Photo: IDOS-Video-Officer is holding an Interview outside


Through the participation of Ramona Haegele and Sabrina Heuwinkel, students received insights into the use of qualitative research methods and professional video production, as well as science communication, which were both set as an integral part of their class assignments.

The video documentary clips presenting the projects and initiatives visited in the Amazon will be shared via IDOS on X and LinkedIn.

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