Launch of Regional Project Minodu in Kara, Togo

On 26 July Minodu was launched in Kara with the aim of fostering local sustainable development through the innovative use of community-based co-design, technology and research.

Photo: Panel at the Launch of Regional Project Minodu in Kara, Togo

© University of Kara

The project’s launching ceremony was a remarkable success, attracting more than 100 participants, including enthusiastic students eager to learn and contribute. The presence of dedicated researchers, directors and managers of Kara University, and representatives from agricultural research institutes underscored the seriousness and commitment of stakeholders involved in the initiative. The project will be implemented in several rural communities of the Kara region by a consortium made up of Kara University, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) and local actors in digital transformation.

Two days of immersive, hands-on workshops followed the launch, in which nearly 100 students actively participated. These workshops served as a platform for the students to gain deeper insights into the project’s objectives and understand the pivotal role they will play in its success as they are the essential link between the Minodu team and their communities of origin. Throughout the project’s duration they will share their knowledge, skills and experiences gained during the workshops, helping to bridge the gap between academia and local realities. By effectively communicating and involving their villages of origin in the project, they will play a key role in ensuring that Minodu’s efforts align with the needs and aspirations of the community in addressing local development challenges sustainably. Together with the dedicated researchers, their collective expertise and experience will be instrumental in guiding the project’s trajectory and ensuring it remains on track for positive and lasting impacts.

Minodu’s launch in Kara, Togo, has marked the beginning of an exciting four years journey toward local sustainable development through technology and research. With the active involvement of students and various experts, the project promises to bring positive change and empower communities to thrive in the face of challenges. The next four years will be exciting, explorative and busy. The anticipation for what Minodu will achieve in a collaborative effort is palpable among all those who were part of the launch events.

Minodu is one of the four regional projects part of a research programme, with INTERFACES as an accompanying project.  All projects and activities are funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as part of the platform strategy Research for Sustainability (FONA).

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