Panel: Future of the EU as a global development actor

Today’s polycrisis world challenges the European Union to adapt to a reshaped geopolitical order and identify the partners with which it can jointly engage.

Photo: Panel of the event


Development policy plays an increasingly supporting role in this repositioning of the EU and its related economic, foreign policy and geopolitical interests. On 10 and 11 May, the Elcano Royal Institute and IDOS, in cooperation with the European Think Tanks Group (ETTG), organised a panel discussion and closed-door seminar in Berlin to reflect on the future role of the EU as a global development actor.

The four panel members exchanged views on this topic and subsequently interacted with a broad range of participants. During the next day, high-level officials from seven EU member states continued discussing the topics together with ETTG member representatives and other key experts.

The panel and seminar sought to contribute to rethinking the EU’s development cooperation by better defining the Union’s distinctive features, comparative advantages and potential allies in the world. From this perspective it provides inputs for the Spanish presidency of the EU in the second half of 2023. A paper summarising the discussions will be published in a few weeks.

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