Multilateral cooperation within the framework of the G7 and G20

IDOS Director Prof. Dr. Anna-Katharina Hornidge participated as co-chair of a T7 Task Force in a joint retreat of T7 and T20 actors organised by the Rockerfeller Foundation.

Photo: T7 & T20 Akctors, Task Force, organisiert von der Rockerfeller Foundation.

© Rockefeller Foundation

Current challenges in the field of global sustainability and development can only be successfully addressed if this is done in cooperation between countries of different income groups and political systems. Against this background, IDOS brings its expertise to the G7 and G20 processes through its participation in the Think7 and Think20 engagement groups. As co-chair of a T7 Task Force and as Director of IDOS, Anna-Katharina Hornidge participated in a first-ever joint retreat of T7 and T20 actors from 13-15 March. During the retreat, organised by the Rockefeller Foundation, participants spent three days discussing and reflecting on issues including the implementation of the 2030 Agenda, measures to combat the global debt crisis, and important next steps to strengthen global food security, health and social security systems, and infrastructure development. Participants emphasised the importance of alliances for the global common good and the need for diplomatic, financial and intellectual investments to make them possible.

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