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With the new year, the SDSN Germany secretariat has developed two new participation formats for the network. Firstly, starting in March, there will be a monthly virtual “Coffee Talk”, where members and partners can inform themselves about their current topics and projects in a relaxed atmosphere and network with each other. On the other hand, a working group on the SDSN Germany annual topic “Germany’s negative spillover effects” will be set up in the near future. Negative spillover effects, understood as undesirable external economic, social, environmental and security effects from industrialised countries such as Germany to other countries, which undermine their efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), exist in a wide range of areas – making them a real cross-cutting issue. The aim of the working group is to bring together diverse perspectives and expertise and to help put a central and pressing issue of our time on the political agenda. In particular, the focus is on how Germany can reduce its negative spillover effects and what concrete policy measures are needed to achieve this.

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