Strategy process for the introduction of structured research data management at IDOS

Research data are data „generated in the course of scientific projects, e.g., through digitization, source research, experiments, measurements, surveys, or interviews“[1]. They are the raw material from which scientific knowledge is derived. In recent decades, it has become widely recognized that research data can be of great value beyond the original purpose of collection, not only for replication of research results, but especially for subsequent use in similar or new research contexts. Accordingly, more and more funders are demanding additional value for their research investment through publication of relevant research data in accordance with the FAIR[2] principles. This requires a research data management (RDM) at IDOS that is aligned with institutional research processes as well as in line with national and international RDM standards.

Therefore, a process was launched at IDOS at the end of 2021 to achieve these goals in the coming years. In a first step, a standardized process for the development of medium-term strategic goals in institutional RDM is currently being carried out together with a working group consisting of representatives of the research programmes, the library, the administration, and the institute management. This process will be completed next year with the publication of an IDOS research data strategy, which will form the basis for the subsequent establishment of appropriate services and infrastructures for RDM. This process will be accompanied by the creation of a guideline for handling research data at the institute and by advising researchers on urgent issues of scientific data management.

[1]  Allianz der deutschen Wissenschaftsorganisationen. Schwerpunktinitiative „Digitale Information“: Forschungsdaten, Beschreibung des Handlungsfeldes der Allianzinitiative Digitale Information (22.11.2022).

[2] FAIR Principles – GO FAIR (

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