African Academy started its three-part online post-academy phase

Screenshot: Zoom Session African Academy


This phase began on 8 September, 2022 with an online session focusing on the innovation projects developed during the attendance phase. Together, the participants of the Academy of 2022 and the facilitators of minc Kiel reflected on their projects, talked about individual experiences and lessons learned, as well as what the future holds.

In the second part of the online post phase on 15 September, the AfrA team together with the alumni of 2022, as well as some alumni of 2021, held an online session on how to handle and manage the future AFRA network. The alumni put their leadership and strategy skills into practice by discussing how the African Academy network should be managed in order to have a significant impact.

The campfire session on 22 September was a successful conclusion to the online post phase. Here, participants were able to come together again as a group, reflect on the past months and prepare for the time still ahead. Around the virtual campfire, the facilitators offered alumni the space to share and connect with each other about lessons learned from the leadership modules.

With the end of the online post-academy phase of the African-German Leadership Academy 2022, both the alumni and the AfrA team are now looking forward to the upcoming Alumni Reunion in Accra, Ghana in mid-October.

In addition, the application portal for the African-German Leadership Academy 2023 was opened on 15 September, 2022. In 2023, the AfrA team is looking forward to welcoming applicants from the newly added partner countries Kenya and Zambia.

Information on the application process and eligibility criteria, as well as the latest brochure for the upcoming year, can be found on the AFRA website.

The application portal can be accessed at the following link: your application (

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