Working Group Multi-Risk and Societal Resilience in Extreme Events

The working group (WG) comprises members from different countries and specialisations who have had a long-standing cooperation experience with European, African, and international agencies on risk assessment. The WG identifies synergistic impacts from multiple risks as well as counter-strategies for building resilient societies against extreme events. The group will examine the conceptualisation of different disciplinary risk concepts, explore the multi-risk pathways, and examine opportunities to increase multi-risk resilience to extreme events. The WG will have two workshops and a DFG round table. The outputs from these forums will

  1. identify an agenda for research in East Africa;
  2. identify transdisciplinary collaborative research projects and early career individual projects on multi-risk assessment in extreme events; and
  3. form an Advisory Committee for overseeing the Collaborative proposal preparation.

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  1. James Mawanda - Antworten

    I am happy to learn about the Working Group (WG), particularly knowing that it concentrates its investigation in East Africa. From a collaborative and partnership point of view, how possible is it to join this Group, particularly in building resilient and sustainable communities at the nexus of climate change, Agenda 2030, and fighting poverty?

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