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Advisory Board Dialogue 2022

On May 17, 2022, SDSN Germany and the Science Platform 2030 organised the “Advisory Board Dialogue” FUTURE. INNOVATIVE AND FAIR – WITH SUSTAINED. ADVISORY.  In Addition to 18 scientific advisory board members, high-ranking officials of the German government also participated.

The “Advisory Board Dialogue” addressed and discussed the questions on how the scientific policy advisors could support the new federal government in shaping a sustainable future; the scope for scientific, sustainable policy advice, arising from the coalition agreement, and the (legislative) course that needed to be set in the policy fields from the perspective of the councils.

During the dialogue, the key focus of the debate stayed mostly on the integrative view of sustainability in the coalition agreement, and the associated shaping of scientific policy advice.

A detailed report will follow and will be posted on SDSN Germany event webpage. In the new legislative period, the results of the dialogue will be incorporated into the work of Parliament and the Federal Government.

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