Blog Post Image: Roundtable „War in Ukraine: Implications for international cooperation“

Photo: Online Roundtable


Shafiah F. Muhibat, Centre for Strategic and International Studies, CSIS (Indonesien), Sachin Chaturvedi, Research and Information System for Developing Countries, RIS (Indien), André de Mello e Souza, Institute for Applied Economic Research, IPEA (Brasilien), Paulo Esteves, BRICS Policy Center (Brasilien), Andrea Ordóñez, Southern Voice, Citlali Ayala Martínez, Instituto Mora (Mexiko), Philani Mthembu, Institute for Global Dialogue (Südafrika), Emel Parlar Dal, Marmara University (Türkei), Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, South African Institute of International Affairs, SAIIA (Südafrika) und Anna-Katharina Hornidge (DIE).

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