Walking tour: “science and global justice”

Participants of a walking tour in Bonn visited several organisations that conduct research on global justice issues, among them the DIE. Dr. Max-Otto Baumann talked about the funding of the United Nation’s development work.

The tour is an initiative by Südwind e. V. and the City of Bonn. It offers the public insights into the work of institutions located in Bonn that focus on development. The aim is to demonstrate how “knowledge made in Bonn” contributes to global changes towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Bild: Participants stop at DIE for an input about the UN project

Participants stop at DIE for an input about the UN project

As in previous years, a group of 15 participants, mostly students from Bonn, stopped by at the German Development Institute / Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik (DIE) where Dr. Max-Otto Baumann explained results from research in the United Nations (UN) project on the funding of the UN’s development work.

For several years now, the UN project has concerned itself with the causes, the dynamics and the mostly negative implications of earmarked contributions for the UN. This research has helped to build an awareness of the problem, thereby providing a push for reforms like the UN “funding compact” agreed in 2019.

A particularly interesting feature of the expert tour is that it brings together science and art: Key messages of the presentation were visualised in “graphic recording” by artist Caroline Pochon, and the result is a very catchy picture (see below). Other pieces of art created during the expert tour can be found on the website of Südwind e. V.

ild: Entwicklungsfinanzierung ist das Proble, Mehr Kernbeiträge sind die Lösung


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