The research programme Environmental Governance receives three new projects

The research programme „Environmental Governance and Transformation to Sustainability“ has successfully acquired three competitive third-party funded projects:

  • The collaborative project „Implementing sustainable development goals in an incoherent world: Aligning climate action and reduced inequalities“ funded by the Swedish research funder FORMAS with 1.2 positions for the DIE and a duration of four years (applicants Sander Chan, Gabriela Iacobuta and Ramona Hägele);
  • The BMBF-funded collaborative project C-SCOPE „Oceans under Stress – Towards Marine Carbon Observation 2.0: Socialization, Networking, Perfection and Extension“ with 1.7 positions for the DIE and a duration of three years (applicants Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Mirja Schoderer and Ramona Hägele);
  • the collaborative project „Sustaining and Strengthening City Climate Action in the COVID-19 crisis for a green and climate-resilient recovery (ClimateCitiesRecovery),“ funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, with 0.7 positions for the DIE and a duration of 16 months (applicants Sander Chan and Mariya Aleksandrova).