News from SDSN Germany

SDSN Germany has presented five proposals for the structural advancement of the German Sustainable Development Strategy, which were adopted by the Leadership Council in March 2020:

1. Mutual strengthening of both the German Sustainable Development Strategy and the European Green Deal
2. Implementation by focusing on key transformations and overarching levers
3. Using finance as a transformative lever
4. Anchoring the strategy in parliament and society, strengthening of governance
5. Synchronising the cycles of the Sustainable Development Strategy and key political processes

The German Sustainable Development Strategy, which had been updated regularly since 2002, was completely reworked in 2016. This overhaul brought it in line with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda, which the world’s Heads of State and Government had adopted at a 2015 UN summit. The German strategy was last updated in 2018. Now, its next extensive revision is round the corner in 2020. By presenting its statement, SDSN Germany wants to contribute to this revision process.

The German Sustainable Development Strategy lacks both political relevance and the ability to make a structural impact. At the same time, the international and European context of Germany’s sustainable development policy has seen new strategies and approaches emerge since 2016 that should be factored into the upcoming revision of the German Sustainable Development Strategy. Please find the full statement of our network here.

SDSN Germany initiated an exchange between members and partners from the network to reflect on the consequences of the Corona crisis on national, European and international sustainability and climate policy as well as on global cooperation. The results shall be discussed in the next leadership council meeting in April by defining possible next steps.

The global SDSN started a public opinion survey on progress made and major challenges faced in implementing the SDGs. The results will be included in the 2020 Sustainable Development Report that is published by SDSN and the Bertelsmann Stiftung. Please find more information about the report and the survey here: The survey comprises five questions and it should take less than five minutes to respond. Thank you so much for participating!