MGG Academy participants on study trip to Brussels and Geneva

Photo: Members of MGG Academy at the United Nations in GenevaFrom 20 to 25 October 2019, participants of the MGG Academy 2019 went on a Study Trip to Geneva and Brussels. Their trip included a number of remarkable visits to the most important institutions in relation to global cooperation in the world.

From intellectual property in the South Centre to dealing with the situation of refugees at UNHCR, it was two intense days full of insights. The open discussions about the current challenges of the MGG countries in UNCTAD and WTO were an invitation to reflect about the future the participants want for their countries.Photo: Members of MGG Academy at European Commission in Brussels

During the stay in Brussels, the participants visited the European Commission to discuss a wide array of topics related to the European contribution to global cooperation and governance. One of the highlights of the trip was the insightful speech given by the Director of the Cities Alliance, William Cobbett. This opened new perspectives about how slums could be transformed into livable neighbourhoods.

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