DIE at the Earth System Governance Conference (ESG) in Mexico

Group Phto ESG

Clara Brandi (DIE), Citlali Ayala Martínez (Instituto Mora, Mexico), Steffen Bauer (DIE), Aarti Gupta (Wageningen University, Netherlands) , Dimitris Stevis (Colorado State University, USA), ©Clara Brandi

On 6-8 November, DIE co-hosted the „2019 Mexico Conference on Earth System Governance – Urgent Transformations and Earth System Governance: Towards Sustainability and Justice“, together with Universiteit Utrecht (NL) and The University of Arizona (US). As co-host, DIE hosted one of the conference’s dedicated „semi-plenary“ sessions on „Earth System Governance and the pursuit of the Global Common Good“. The session included a keynote by Steffen Bauer, titled „Earth System Governance and the pursuit of the Global Common Good“ followed by commentaries by Aarti Gupta (Wageningen University & co-author of the ESG Science and Implementation Plan 2018), Citlali Ayala Martínez (Instituto Mora, Mexico City & also a partner in our MGG Network), Dimitris Stevis (Colorado State University, USA & Co-chair of the ESG Task Force on Planetary Justice“. The roundtable discussion, chaired by Clara Brandi, was very fruitful, sparked substantial interest and generated a lively debate with the audience about the promises and pitfalls of the concept of the global common good for research and policy advice.

In another semi-plenary on „Political challenges to sustainability and environmental justice“, chaired by IPCC lead author Diana Liverman (University of Arizona), DIE was represented by Sander Chan with a keynote presentation on „Justice as a core challenge for EU climate policy.“

Several DIE researchers presented their work in various of the conference’s parallel panel sessions including research papers from inter alia Steffen Bauer, Clara Brandi, Anita Breuer, Sander Chan, Jean Carlo Rodriguez de Francisco, Mirja Schoderer and Andreas Stamm (alphabetical order).