Excursion of the participants of this year’s MGG Academy

Participants of this year's MGG Academy visiting a local winery

Participants of this year’s MGG Academy visiting a local winery that used to be a monastery (Kloster Marienthal), ©DIE

On 25 August 2019, the MGG-Academy participants from seven countries around the world got a taste of Roman history and the rare and delicious red wine of the Ahr Valley. They were welcomed by Livia Octavia, otherwise known as Rita Klüwer at the Römervilla for a walk through Roman times. Her lively narratives elaborated not only about the architecture, economic and political heritage of the Romans, but also shed light on their everyday lives and culture.

After the enriching dip into the local history, the group hiked along the gorgeous manicured vineyards that are home to the rarely grown red-wine in Germany, Pinot Noir. They learnt about the rich history of the local farmers, family-owned farms and the struggles of the local community to preserve the ancient history of the region. Over a picnic style lunch, the MGG- group bonded over wine, cheese, pretzels and of course rich and intense discussions about political economies of their home countries.

Then they visited a local winery that used to be a monastery in the older times. The stories of the ancient nuns using the wine cellar, steeped in a history was as rich as the red wine brewed in the wooden barrels in the cellars. They topped off the day with ice-cream and some fond memories of the trail. The trip was a perfect opportunity to make stronger bonds with their fellow MGG participants – after all, nothing allows you to make better friends than bonding over beautiful sights and catching your breath over the mesmerising view of the valley below.


This year’s course will run until December 12, 2019. In a video, we have put together some impressions of participants.