The 55th year of the postgraduate programme

group photo outside in the mountains at Ahrtal, in the back the village

Course Participants ©DIE

On 2th September we, the 55th year of the postgraduate programme, started at DIE and we would like to thank all employees for their friendly welcome. During the next nine months we hope to learn a lot about development in terms of the SDGs and to get an insight into research practice during our projects in Ethiopia, Botswana and Namibia, as well as Jordan. Of course, there should not be a shortage of fun which is why we took a day trip to the Ahrtal together with our programme coordinator Regine Mehl and the coordinators of our research teams.

Rita Klüwer welcomed us at the Römervilla where she gave us an informative and authentic tour through the ruins and the surrounding vineyards. Among other things, we learned that the local winegrowers successfully refuse to grow white wine and that 80 percent of the wine grown in the region is Spätburgunder. Subsequently, we got a chance to taste some of the latter and, during a hike and a lunch, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and to exchange some ideas concerning the following nine months at the institute.

Moreover, the day served to make plans for the upcoming time and to talk to the team and course coordinators in an informal atmosphere outside the institute. We are all looking forward to getting to know as many of the employees as possible and to engage in conversations at one of the future events, gladly over a glass of Spätburgunder.