Farewell to Gabriele Kahnert

Photo: Gabriele Kahnert with LaudatorsOn 8 May, Gabriele Kahnert retired as Head of Service Facilities after 19 years. More than 120 guests participated in the farewell reception, among them colleagues and long-time companions.

Among the speakers were Dr Imme Scholz, Acting Director of DIE, representatives of all organizational units of the institute as well as the former Head of Division of BMZ, Michaela Zintl, and the Deputy Secretary-General of the German Academic Exchange Service, Rudolf Boden.

All speakers expressed their deep appreciation for Mrs. Kahnert’s outstanding professionalism as well as for her human warmth. Both have been of inestimable value in the institute’s growth process over the last 15 years, which would not have been possible otherwise. Many colleagues from related institutes also benefited from her extensive experience over the years.

DIE and the entire team express their deep gratitude to Gabriele Kahnert for her achievements and wish her all the best for her well-deserved retirement!