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Change or Crumble! Germany Needs to Reposition its International Cooperation

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As Angela Merkel’s 16 years at the helm of the German government come to a close, Germany’s international cooperation for sustainable development seems, at first sight, to be in good shape. During her tenure, German official development assistance (ODA) more than tripled, reaching $28 billion in 2020 and putting Germany second only to the United States ($34 billion) and well ahead of the United Kingdom ($19 billion) and the EU Institutions ($17 billion).

SDSN Germany: what role does science play to achieve the SDGs and how can EU-policies be aligned with the SDGs?

The secretariat of SDSN Germany participated in the Global Goals Forum on 10 October 2019 in Berlin by conducting the Workshop ‘Science and the SDGs’. The Global Goals Forum was organised under the headline ‘2030 Agenda: are we running out of time?’ by the macondo foundation and the German Global Compact Network (DGCN) in order…

SDSN Germany: Welche Rolle spielt die Wissenschaft zur Erreichung der SDGs und was kann die EU tun?

Die Geschäftsstelle von SDSN Germany hat mit der Durchführung des Workshops „Wissenschaft und die SDGs“ beim Global Goals Forum am 10. Oktober 2019 in Berlin mitgewirkt. Das Global Goals Forum wurde unter dem Motto „2030 Agenda: are we running out of time?“ von der macondo foundation und dem Deutschen Global Compact Netzwerk (DGCN) veranstaltet, um…