Schlagwort: Elizabeth Dávid-Barrett

Anti-corruption clubs: how the private sector is leading the way in the fight against bribery

Image: Court Gavel

Different structures to address corruption

Ahead of the G20 Anti-corruption Working Group meeting on April 10-12, Elizabeth David-Barrett from the University of Sussex looks at how the G20 might learn from the early lessons and experiences of business-led anti-corruption clubs, and how they can disincentivize corruption, and incentivize cultures of integrity.

Getting smart about data helps tackle corruption

Tackling corruption a priority

The G20 has made tackling corruption a priority in 2017, highlighting in particular the harm caused in impeding the development of the poorest countries, threatening market integrity and distorting open competition. This damage is nowhere more evident than in public procurement. Public money is wasted, infrastructure is built to poor standards, public services are provided inadequately.