Supporting just and green structural transformation

On 09 November, IDOS hosted an international and policy-oriented conference on “Greening economies in partner countries: priorities for international cooperation”. Participants in the conference discussed policy recommendations to support the implementation of BMZ’s new core theme strategy.


Photo: In the audience of the conference on “Greening economies in partner countries: priorities for international cooperation” facing towards the presentation.


In its strategy „Sustainable economic development, training and employment“ BMZ shifts gears towards a perspective of a just and green structural transformation. Participants presented and discussed six innovative and actionable policy areas to support the new strategy, namely:

  • Phasing-in eco-social fiscal reforms in a just and acceptable way
  • Promoting inclusive green finance to enable just transitions
  • Creating green demand: Sustainable consumption and circular economy
  • Green hydrogen partnerships for local value and industrial competitiveness
  • Converting the shift to sustainable cities into an economic stimulus package for employment generation
  • Adopting a green industrial policy perspective and enlarging policy space in international trade rules

The detailed recommendations can be found in this input paper and this current column.

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