Launch of a pioneering project on Gender inequality and Social policy

We are proud to announce the successful launch of our latest project on Gender inequality and Social policies, funded by DFG – German Research Foundation.

Photo: The Projectteam in front of a screen showing their presentation. Dr. Christoph Strupat and Alina Sowa of the German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS) as well as Prof. Dr. Arndt Reichert and Anne Simon of the Leibniz University Hannover.

Prof Dr Arndt Reichert, Anne Simon, Alina Sowa and Dr Christoph Strupat

This joint effort, in collaboration with Leibniz University Hannover marks a significant step towards understanding the root-causes and mechanisms of gender inequality and to what extent social policies (i.e. health and social protection policies) can mitigate them in low-income countries.

Gender equality has become a key objective for international organisations and policymakers. It is recognised both as a fundamental human right and an important driver of economic development. Recent estimates suggest that, at the current pace, it will not be achieved before the end of this century. The generated knowledge by this project is critical for the design of future gender-sensitive social policy interventions.

The project team consists of Dr Christoph Strupat and Alina Sowa from IDOS and Prof. Arndt Reichert and Anne Simon from Leibniz University Hannover. The team collaborates with Bocconi University and local partners from University of Ghana and Addis Ababa University.

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