United Nations Day in Bonn honours 50 years of German UN membership

Every year on United Nations Day, the city of Bonn and the United Nations present their common themes on the Market Square. This year, the UN city of Bonn celebrated 50 years of Germany at the United Nations. IDOS was also represented with a booth.

Photo: IDOS booth at the United Nations Day at the market place


Since 1996, Bonn, seat of United Nations organisations, has been hosting a „United Nations Birthday“ celebration on a Saturday in October. This year also marks 50 years of Germany at the United Nations and 27 years of Bonn as the seat of the United Nations.

The focus was on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At the IDOS booth, visitors tested their knowledge in a quiz. They also found out about the numerous research projects that will contribute to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. IDOS expert Dr Saravanan Subramanian presented his research on the effects of inadequate access to sanitation- on the health of women and children in particular. Many visitors were also interested in the three IDOS training programmes: the Postgraduate Training Programme, the MGG Academy and the Shaping Futures Academy.

Here you may find further information on IDOS’ research on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals:  https://www.idos-research.de/en/2030-agenda/

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