Contributions to the national political discourse

In addition to their work on the G20 Summit in New Delhi and the SDG Summit in New York, Prof. Dr Anna-Katharina Hornidge and Dr Axel Berger participated in various events on developments and challenges in German politics.

Photo: Der Geschäftsführende Direktor von SDSN Germany, Axel Berger, ist stellvertretender Direktor (interim) des German Institute of Development and Sustainability (IDOS).

Axel Berger, ©IDOS

On 11 September, Axel Berger spoke at an event organised by the SPD in Bonn. Together with Rolf Mützenich, Chairman of the SPD Parliamentary Group in the German Bundestag, Jessica Rosenthal, MP (SPD), and Sanae Abdi, MP and Spokesperson of the Working Group on Economic Cooperation and Development, he discussed how Germany can contribute to strengthening international cooperation on eye-level and to shaping joint solutions to current global challenges. In doing so, Axel Berger emphasised that Germany should use its potential to implement the global sustainability goals in and through Germany, to advance the reform of multilateral organisations and to do so in particular through Team Europe approaches.

Photo: Anna-Katharina Hornidge in front of a painting

Anna-Katharina Hornidge, ©IDOS

Meanwhile, Anna-Katharina Hornidge was particularly involved in health policy discussions. At the b° future festival for Journalism and Constructive Dialogue on 15 September in Bonn, she spoke with Dr Eckart von Hirschausen, Executive Director of Healthy Earth Healthy People, about how healthy life on a healthy earth can be made possible and protected. Based on her work in the WBGU (German Advisory Council on Global Change), Anna-Katharina Hornidge underlined the aspect of global urgency governance, according to which health concerns should be anchored in all areas at all political levels. In addition, she moderated the BMZ roundtable on vaccine production on 28 September.

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