IDOS at the Global Media Forum: IDOS gets in touch with an international audience

IDOS participated with an information booth at the Global Media Forum (GMF), which took place from 19 to 20 June and was organised by Deutsche Welle. IDOS staff had an exciting and enriching exchange with visitors at their information booth.

Photo: The IDOS information stand at the Global Media Forum (GMF) of Deutsche Welle.


This year’s GMF motto „Overcoming Divisions“ has thematic points of contact with the IDOS project „Social Cohesion“ and the IDOS training programmes. From different perspectives, work is being done in these areas to overcome social divisions. At their information booth, IDOS staff took the opportunity to discuss the topic with visitors and to establish further contacts. The GMF also offered the opportunity to make the training programmes known to an international public. Young trainees and students as well as representatives of NGOs were particularly interested in these training offers. There was also great interest in the work of IDOS itself.

Photo: Johanna Vogel, Ghadafi Saibu, Wendpanga Eric Segueda

©IDOS, Photo: Johanna Vogel, Ghadafi Saibu, Wendpanga Eric Segueda

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