Environmental change and implications for global and regional governance

Climate and environmental change in the focus of this year’s Global Health Talks: Prof. Dr Anna Katharina Hornidge at the Global Health Hub.

Photo: Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Direktorin des IDOS

Anna-Katharina Hornidge, ©IDOS

Against the background of the climate negotiations of the UN Climate Secretariat (SB58) in Bonn in June, the management of IDOS also dealt with global climate and environmental changes and their immediate consequences for people and politics within the framework of various events. Professor Anna-Katharina Hornidge participated as a panel speaker in this year’s Global Health Talks of the Global Health Hub on 13 June. In the session, moderated by Sophie Gepp, Centre for Planetary Health Policy, Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Nathalie Nidens, Deutsche Allianz Klimawandel und Gesundheit e.V., and Dr Peter Tinnemann, Public Health Authority, reflected on a simulation exercise to prepare for heat waves in cities and discussed existing national and international approaches and the associated need for action. Anna-Katharina Hornidge pointed out the need to consider how different governance forums interact to ensure effective mitigation, management and adaptation

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