FFVT Project: »Report Globale Flucht« (Report Global Flight) published by S. Fischer

On 26 April 2023, the “Report Globale Flucht” (Report Global Flight) was published for the first time by S. Fischer. The report is edited by the cooperation project “Forced Migration and Refugee Studies: Networking and Knowledge Transfer” (FFVT) and will be published annually to inform a broad audience about major global developments regarding forced migration issues.

Photo: FFVT-Team bei der Buchvorstellung

From left to ritght: Dr. Franck Düvell (IMIS), Dr. Mevlüt Özev (DLR-Projektträger), Dr. Jörn Grävingholt (IDOS), Prof. Dr. Petra Bendel (CHREN), Dr. Marcel Berlinghoff (IMIS), Maarit Thiem (BICC), Johanna Günther (CHREN)

People are fleeing around the world – in their own countries, in many regions of the world, across oceans and in defiance of border fences. Two German and one EU refugee summit in just six months emphasise the urgency of the issue. In the „Report Globale Flucht“, 37 authors from academia and civil society address central structural and contemporary questions about forced migration in Europe and throughout the world. Their target group is people interested in refugee issues. The report aims to enrich the social debate with evidence-based information and historical contexts and to open up new perspectives in questioning commonly known information, concepts and viewpoints.

Photo: Dr. Jörn Grävingholt, Merlin Flaig mit den BMZ-Vertreter*innen Jochen Steinhilber und Bettina Kellermann


On the occasion of the publication, FFVT organised a media event and held talks with several (socio-)political actors in Berlin. Among others, in conversation with BMZ representatives Jochen Steinhilber and Bettina Kellermann, the IDOS experts Dr Jörn Grävingholt and Merlin Flaig emphasised the relevance of a global and, in particular, contextualised view of forced migration situations from the perspective of countries of the Global South. In fact, mainly the countries of the Global South are affected by violent conflicts and forced migration, and the majority of displacements take place within the crisis regions.

Alongside IDOS, the three other FFVT partner institutes are the Bonn International Centre for Conflict Studies (BICC), the Centre for Human Rights Erlangen-Nuremberg (CHREN, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg) and the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies (IMIS, Osnabrück University).

For more information, please contact Merlin Flaig (merlin.flaig@idos-research.de) or visit the project website.

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