The World Health Summit and global health policy

Following the World Health Summit in Berlin from 16-18 October, the topic of global health policy also played an important role in the Directorate this month. In an article for the blog Economist Impact, Prof Dr Anna-Katharina Hornidge, Director of IDOS, shed light on the connections between various global crises and the importance of „planetary health“ in dealing with them. She explained why healthy and equitable societies and stable ecosystems are needed to deal with current crises and to protect against future ones. The Global Health Summit itself was accompanied for IDOS by Dr Christoph Strupat, researcher at IDOS, while Anna-Katharina Hornidge took part in a symposium on the role of the German and Japanese G7 presidencies in global health policy on 19 October. The topics and reflections on the challenges and opportunities in global health discussed during the various events also fed into Anna-Katharina Hornidge’s advisory activities at the German Advisory Council on Global Change.

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