IDOS in discussion with members oft he NRW state parliament

On 28 September 2022, the Johannes Rau Society (JRF) presented its transfer research on the sidelines of the plenary session in the North Rhine-Westphalia state parliament. The event included presentations of lighthouse projects and activities of the community, an exhibition of all member institutions of the JRF in the foyer of the Landtag, and a reception.

IDOS informed the MPs and visitors about its name change and presented its new image film. In addition, Tanja Vogel and Christian Böber gave visual insights into the Institute’s training programmes – the Postgraduate Training Programme, the Managing Global Governance Programme, and the African-German Leadership Academy, and provided information in particular about IDOS‘ policy advice activities in the context of Germany’s G7 presidency. IDOS and the Global Solutions Initiative (GSI) have been mandated by the Federal Chancellery to co-chair the T7 Group (Think7) in the context of the expiring German G7 Presidency. In the Think7 group, leading think tanks from the G7 countries work with civil society and business to develop proposals for forward-looking agreements among G7 member states. At the Think7 Summit in May, the Think7 Group published a communiqué that also fed into the G7 Summit discussions.

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