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On 9 February, the 15th meeting of the Extended Leadership Council of SDSN Germany took place on the topic of “Climate Governance of the new Federal Government: work programs and cooperation of the transformation ministries of the ‘Ampel’”.

The event, which for the first time was also open to all members and partners as well as other representatives from politics, science and civil society, met with very great interest with over 100 participants. After a short introduction to the topic by Prof. Dr Anna-Katharina Hornidge (Co-Chair of SDSN Germany), two panels moderated by Dr Sabrina Schulz (Executive Director of SDSN Germany) followed. The (sub-)department heads of the relevant transformation ministries, responsible for climate protection, presented their respective work programs in order to identify possible synergies. While the first panel with contributions by Birgit Schwenk (BMWK), Bernt Farcke (BMEL) and Rudolf Ley (BMUV) and commentary by Sascha Müller-Kraenner (DUH) focused on the climate policy of the ‘Ampel’ within Germany, the second panel with Dr. Jürgen Zattler (BMZ) and Luisa Rölke (AA) as well as commentator Dr. Susanne Dröge (SWP) took a look at Germany’s actions and responsibilities abroad.

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